La Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Verona dispone di locali adeguati che permettono l’insegnamento frontale in ottemperanza dell’ultimo DPCM relativo alle misure di contenimento Covid-19.

The human – animal bond

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA; see Resources box), American households had 81 million cats, 72 million dogs, 11 million birds, and other animals as pets in 2007.1 These figures represent an increase of 23 million cats, dogs, and birds from 2001.2 The majority of these households included children, and half of the pet owners surveyed considered their pets to be family members.1 These trends reflect
the growing importance of animal companions in the lives of children and adults. This article examines the growing body of research that provides support for the many anecdotally reported health benefits resulting from the human–animal bond.

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